Mission                                       Download Admission Form

Our mission is to provide  quality  education and training 

to  young  cadets,  with  a  nurture  their  knowledge, skills, 

personality  and  character  to  make them upright human 

being, a  true  Muslim  and  a  patriotic citizen equipped to 

face the challenges of life. 



Following objectives are aimed at achieving:-


  •     Academic excellence


  •     Personality development


  •     Character building


  •     Inculcate leadership traits


  •     Physical development


  •     Inculcate national harmony and integration


  •     Promotion of True religious values



  1. saddam hussain says:

    sir,what is the procedure for admission in 9th or 10th and what is the fee structure.

  2. Noor Faraz says:

    Great Acheivment too late but at last cadet college Razmak launch its website congrates to all Razmians.

  3. Aurangzeb Orakzai (Kit # 11) says:

    I love Cadet College Razmak.

  4. Capt Sajjad Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    It gives me immense pleasure to go through the website of CCR. Proud to be Razmian

  5. Thanks for opening new website.whan will start addmisson

  6. Zahid Ullah Khan says:

    Assalam o alaikum dear faculty !
    i am lieutenant zahid ullah khan 5 baloch regiment but for the college i am still cadet zahid. i was in the 26th entry jinnah house and sir humayun khan was our house master.
    it is a great effort and i appreciate it alot.
    May God keep the flag of pakistan and cadet college razmak high in the sky . thanks

  7. jamshid iqbal says:

    slam to all the staff and grooming student of razmak.we will very happy to see the new building of razmak cadet college.
    INSAALLAH the new campus bring a good furtune to the students of this cadet college.

  8. nigah hussain says:

    very nice……