House Motto                                 : Live With Honour

House Color                                  : Gray

House Master                               : Mr. Haq Nawaz

Assistant House Master             : Mr. Khadim Shah

Three Star Commander              : Cadet Abbas Yousafzai

Two Star Commander                 : Cadet Salam Khan

One Star Commander                 : Cadet Amar Yasir Turi

House Bearer                                : Shakeeb Ullah

Abdali House is the fifth house of Cadet College Razmak in seniority, is named after the great Afghan Warrior Ahmad Shah Abdali. Abdalians are infused with high strength and abilities of Ahmad Shah Abdali. House colour is gray and Motto is “Live with honour”. They have not only committed with their motto but also have a lot of self respect. They consider it is essential for survival.

Abdali house is very famous for its achievements. In academics they performed well. In sports Abdalians did their best.

Old Abdalians are serving in armed forced, civil services, medical. Engineering and others walk of life. In a nutshell Abdalians are doing their best and i pray that they may become the cynosures of 21st century Pakistan.