House Motto                    : Together we Rise

House Colour                  : Maroon

House Master                  : Mr Atta Ur Rehman

Assistant House Master : Dr Saleem Nasir

House Tutor                    : Mr Wahid Raza

Three Star Commander :  Cadet Abdul Muhaimen

Two Star Commander    : Cadet Hamad Ullah

One Star Commander    : Cadet Asim Ali

Leading Cadet                  : Cadet Abdullah Tariq

House Bearer                    : Anwar Khan



                 Bilal   house   is   named   after   the   great companion  of Hazrat  Muhammad  (SAW)  “Bilal Habshi”. This  is  the second senior most house of the    College   established   in  1978.   It   remained champion for two years.

                 Keeping   in  view  its  motto  “Together  we rise”   Bilalians   are   well   disciplined   and   hard working.  The   reason   is   the   interest   of   House Masters and  house  commanders. Bilal  house has displayed wonderful performance in curricular and co-curricular   activities   since   its   beginning.  The cadets of Bilal house have made tremendous efforts in  progress  of  the  college.  Bilalians  are  trying to bring good name f their institution in every field of life, espcially in the field of academics. The cadets of Bilal  house  are  taking  top  positions  in  the  BISE Bannu for several years. The whole credit goes to this institution.

                  We the great Bilalians have the courage to meet    all    the   challenges,   that   is   why   we   are considered to be the most disciplined, diligent and mannered.  May   ALLAH   give   us   strength   and sustenance on the path of progress. (Aamin) 


1. Qirat Competition : 5th position

2. Naat Competition : 2nd position

3. Urdu Contest          : Second position

4. Pushto Contest      : 4th Position


Sports :-

1. Senior football competition : 6th position

2. Senior Cricket competition : 6th position

3. Basketball competition : Runner up (2nd) 

4. Volley Ball Competition : 3rd position

5.  Junior football competition : Runner up (2nd)

6. Junior Cricket competition : Runner up (2nd)