1.     The Cadet is admitted to the college only on the conditions that he will abide by the rules and regulations of the college and any violation of rules and regulations will make him liable to expulsion. The college will not be held responsible for any illness, injury, accident, disability or death while the cadet is on the roll of college. A cadet can be expelled from the college on the following grounds:-

  • Stealing, cheating, willful and deliberate damage to the college properly.
  • Using unfair means in the examination.
  • Inconsistent ill discipline.
  • Possession of fire-arms of any form or any kind and subversive activities
  • Smoking, use of narcotics, intoxicants and unauthorized medicine abandonment from the college.
  • Insolent behaviour with the staff, fighting, harassing juniors, immoral offence of any kind, grave misconduct outside the college campus or any action unbecoming of a cadet of Cadet College Razmak likely to violate the good order of the college or any other offence which is in the opinion of the Principal required expulsion from the college.
  • In case of a serious offence, a cadet may be expelled without previous warning to his parents.

2.    Besides, there are other punishments i.e. Extra Drill, Detention and Fine etc for Minor Offences.

3.    Cadet College Razmak reserves the right of admission. The principal has the authority to refuse admission.

4.    Once a Cadet is withdrawn from the college or is struck off from the college rolls, he cannot be readmitted.

5.    All correspondence in all matters should be address to Principal, cadet College Razmak.

6.    In all such cases, the decision of the Principal is final and will not be challenged in any court of law.