In each House Common Room, the Cadets may gather in their spare time to participate in Table Tennis and indoor games. Newspapers and Magazines are also available for the Cadets to keep themselves upto date with current affairs. A large colour TV set in each House is also provided. A telephone is available in each House with Nation Wise Connections. The House Baba (bearer) looks after the Cadets needs, but they make their own beds and care for their own belongings, unless handed over to the House Master for safe custody. Geysers provide hot water and showers in winter.


New 2 story Cadets Mess has started functioning which contains state of the art furniture and accommodates 600 Cadets at one time. All the Cadets take their meals together in the presence of their House Masters/ Assistant House Masters. The Mess Staff consisting of Messing Officer, Assistant Messing Officer and a complement of cooks, tandorchies and waiters. The caterer is responsible for supply of dry and fresh food items. Every effort is made to serve balanced and nutritious food. Meals include breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.



Health cover is provided by the College Dispensary run by a regularly employed whole time Medical Officer assisted by a male matron, a compounder and Dispenser. Serious cases are evacuated to CMH Bannu and Agency Headquarters Hospital Miranshah. In chronic cases Parents/ Guardians are contacted for specialist treatment elsewhere.

(The College RMO is Absent without Leave from October 2016 till date)

Military Staff

The basic aim of Cadet Colleges is to train the Cadets on semi military lines. For the purpose Army Staff is posted in the College including an Army Officer who acts as Adjutant. Special emphasis is put on physical training, drill and discipline. The instructions also help the sports coaches and work under the College Adjutant, who is overall in-charge of discipline, sports, security and transport of the College.



College has one truck, three new coasters,  one small Mazda coasters and two small Nissan Flying Coaches and one Ambulance on immediate stand-by. These vehicles are used for College tours and to transport and escort Cadets to and from Bannu during holidays and vacations on payment.


Computer Section

In order to acquaint the Cadets with modern techniques of knowledge and learning, two computer laboratories have been established in the college. Two well-qualified persons with Masters Degree in Computer Science and one Computer Instructor have been appointed to teach the Computer Science.


All the cadets are allowed to contact their parents during free night using mobiles. Only those mobile are allowed which have no camera and no memory card.


Sports are prominent feature in the life of a Cadet. There is never a dull moment for a Cadet who remains occupied in productive pursuits which, apart from academics, include extra and co-curricular activities as well. Inter College and Inter House Sports Competitions are held and trophies awarded for excellent performance. Games of football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis and squash are organized under the strict supervision of the Adjutant so are athletics, gymnastics and badminton.


Extra Curricular Activities

Inter House Debates, elocution contest and Qirat Competitions are regularly held to promote creative e and literary activities. Guest speakers are also invited who address the Cadets and Staff on the topics of interest. Educational visits and excursions are arranged for the Cadets to visit factories, engineering works, training institutions and historical places including visit to armed forces academies. There are clubs and societies such as forces  science club, computer club and photographic club providing the Cadets a chance to learn and innovate. Shooting and adventure clubs have also come into being. The college day begins with a General Assembly. All the Cadets and members of the teaching staff attend. It begins with recitation from the “Holy Quran” followed by its translation and Naat-e-Maqbool (SAW), once a week. Urdu and English news are read on alternate days followed by a sermon by a member of the staff twice in the week and always ends with National Anthem.