House Motto                       : Serve with Valvour

House Color                        : Red

House Master                     : Mr. Naseer Muhammad

Assistant House Master    : Mr. Qudrat Ullah

Three Star Commander     : Cadet Imran

Two Star Commander        : Cadet Raja Jehanzeb Zafar

One Star Commander        : Cadet Haqib Ullah

Leading Cadet                     : Cadet Khanzeb

House Bearer                     : Zar Wali 


Ghazali House is the senior most house of the College, established in 1978 and is named after the great Muslim philosopher “Imam Ghazali”. The House has made considerable progress in various activities of the college. The young Ghazalians are known for their hard working, loyalty, politeness and well-disciplined. Due to their honest efforts and sincerity, Ghazalians are on the top of every field. Their first priority is to achieve excellent academics. In this field they are second to none. The Ghazlians are on top in the internal exams as well as in the Board examinations. Cadet Khalid Nawaz obtained 919 marks in SSC and due to excellent performance and well disciplined life in the College, he was appointed as the College Commander by the College Administration. The Ghazalians feel great pride to have College Commander from their House. The Principal of the College appreciated the discipline of the Ghazali House and awarded Rs 1000/- for reciting the National Anthem with full devotion and enthusiasm. Ghazali House obtained 2nd position in Qirat competition. Ghazali House won Pushto Debate trophy this year. Cadet Salman obtained position in poem recitation and Cadet Fawad Ali got 2nd position in speech making. Apart from academics, the Ghazlians are taking keen interest in cultural and co-curricular activities of the college. They are masters of stage and always get highest-position in inter-houses elocution and debate competitions.


Ghazali House won inter-house football (juniors) trophy and got 2nd position in football (seniors).  The Ghazalians achieved all these achievements due to the dedicated efforts and inspiration of the House Masters. The House Commanders are also taking interest in the activities of the House and are doing their best to run the House in a better way. The Ghazalians are determined and straining to excel in all the activities of the college. They have good, high aimsand sublime morale. By grace of All-mighty ALLAH, they will keep the banner of the House higher and higher, INSHA ALLAH.