1.         Razmak is located at a distance of 120 km South West of Bannu and 80 km North West of Miranshah at an altitude of 6500 feet above  sea  level,  wedged  between  towering  mountains  in  the midst of the famous Wazir country. The Razmak Cantonment, which Houses  the  Cadet  College,  presents  a  picturesque  sight  in winter when  the hills  wear a mantle of snow four to five feet deep. The summers are pleasant and the climate, invigorating throughout the year remains particularly conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. Before independence, Razmak was British Army Station. This used to  be  British  Army biggest bachelor camp. It was called as “Little London”. The Army had two portions, upper camp and lower camp.  At  independence  the Pakistan Government adopted a policy of leaving control of the Tribal Areas to the “Frontier Corps” (FC) and  withdrew the regular Army Units. There was no FC at Razmak and the Camp was handed over to the Khasadars. In 1973 “The Shawal Rifles” a unit of FC was raised at Razmak. In 1975, a decision was taken to House a new Cadet College mainly for the benefit of the Boys of all the Tribal Areas.


2. College was established at Razmak through a Presidential order of 5 July 1977. College started functioning in 1978. Initially a batch of 100 cadets joined the College in March 1978. Cadets were admitted in classes 7th, 8th and 9th. Cadets were divided into two Houses viz Ghazali & Bilal. With an annual intake of 50 cadets every year, eventually the College reached to the optimum level of 6 Houses, viz Ghazali, Bilal, Jinnah, Babar, Abdali & Khushhal. For sometime the intake stabilized at 80 cadets annually. However, in 2012 the entry to class 7th was stopped and intake was increased to 92. Resultantly we had to select only 12 cadets for class 8th for 2013. The College has so far produced more than 450 Doctors, 400 Engineers, 400 Officers in Armed Forces and more than 600 Razmians are serving in other fields like Civil Services, IT, Politics, Education etc. The College was shifted to Peshawar in 2009 due to law & order situation and reopened at Razmak in May 2011. The College was again shifted to Aman Ghar in April 2012 due to prevailing law & order situation in North Waziristan. The Amangar location comprised of a godowns and garrages not at all suitable for living. 20 to 25 cadets were living a room. There were no play grounds and the teaching learning environment was badly damaged. Parents and Ex. cadets created lot of hue and cry and demanded shifting of the college. Army posted a serving Colonel (Razmian) as Principal with a mission to recreate the college. Commander 11 Corps got new accommodation at Nowshera cantt for the College. The new accommodation fulfills all the requirements of the college. The new accommodation is of 19 and 20th century built and is identical to Razmak in outlook. The complete college was shifted by 6th March 2013.