House Motto                         :           Justice and Fair Play

House Color                          :           Dark Green

House Master                       :           Mr. Farman Awan

Assistant House Master  1)   :         Mr. Naseem Ullah Khan

2)   :        Mr. Izzat Khan

House Tutor                             :         Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Three Star Commander         :           Cadet. Shahid Ullah

Two Star Commander            :           Cadet. Fawad Khan

One Star Commander            :            Cadet Nauman Saeed

Leading Cadet                         :             Cadet Afsar Khan

Sports Captain                       :              Cadet Fahad Abbas

House Bearer                         :      1)    Rahmat Ullah

2)    Rizwan Ullah


Jinnah House named after the Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, has been playing an active  role  ever  since  its  inception  in  March  1979,  in  curricular   and  extra-curricular activities and has given the nation scores of doctors, engineers, officers in Pakistan Army, officers in Pakistan Air Force and officers in Pakistan Naval Force. A number of jinnites are serving  abroad  in  different  countries  of  the  world  displaying their capabilities and skills efficiently. Above all, Capt. Meraj Shaheed, the winner of the sword of honour, Capt. Sajjad Shaheed (both sacrificed their lives in the war  against  terrorism;  the  former  in Swat and the  latter  in  Orakzai  Agency)  and  Capt.  Irfan  Shaheed died  in a  helicopter crash near Jhelum, were Jinnites.

Our past Principal, Colonel Tahir Qayyum and our past Adjutant Maj. Kabeer Khan were also Jinnites.

Jinnah  House  has  always  held  the  field  against  its  adversaries whether it is the field of academics, cultural activities or it is the field of sports. Jinnah House has won a number of certificates, shields and trophies to boost the house’s morale.


  • Cadet Asim Zahoor got 1st position in the 2nd term exam of class 8.
  • Cadet Asif ud Din got 2nd position in the 2nd term exam of class 8.
  • Cadet Ahmed got the seventh position in the 2nd term exam of class 8.
  • Cadet Arshad khan bagged 2nd position in SSC Exam of class 9 of BISE          Bannu 2012.
  • Cadet Azmatullah stood third in class 7 promotion exam.
  • Cadet Adnan Ahmed was placed second in 1st semester Exam of class 9.
  • Cadet Osama got 3rd position in the 1st semester exam of class 9.
  • Cadet Asim stood 2nd in class 10 in 2nd semester exam.


Inter-house sports

3rd position in volleyball.

3rd position in football (seniors).

3rd position in football (juniors).

Jinnah house have made their way to final of Inter-house Cricket competition (Seniors) which is still pending.


Inter-house Cultural Activities

1st position Naat Khwani.

3rd Position in Qirat Competition.

4th position in Urdu Debate.

                                                              CADET SHEHRYAR

                                                            3 STAR COMMANDER