House Motto                          :  Self conduct and sincerity

House Colour                        : Parrot Green

House Master                        : Mr. Javed Ahmad

Assistant House Master        : Mr. Sher Ali Baz

Three Star Commander         : Cadet Asad Ullah

Two Star Commander            : Cadet Muhammad Hasnain

One Star Commander             : Cadet Ali Sher

Leading Cadet                           : Cadet Arif Ullah


House Bearer                            : Rasool Shah

Khushhal House was established in 1983 and was named after the great pathan warrior and the eminent poet of Pashto Khushhal Khan Khattak. It is the junior most house of the college but has achieved great name and excellent records in the college history i.e. winning champion trophy five times in a row and has remained eight years overall champion. Khushhalians are showing brilliant performance in every activity of the college.

Cadets of khushhal house are hardworking, highly disciplined and well mannered. There is a friendly and cordial relationship among the cadets of khushhal house.

In academic field khushhalians never remained behind but always stand in the first row in the college and BISE Bannu exams. The cadets of Khushhal House are also showing excellent performance in co-curricular activities. For the session 2012-13 Khushhal House is the winner of football and volley ball competition, Cadet Junaid was nominated as the best player of football.

The Khushhalians never compromise on discipline and always maintain the glorious standards of discipline.

May ALLAH give us strength and always keep us on the path of progress. (Aamin)